Life is a funny thing, it is unpredictable, spontaneous and ever so simple, yet humanity makes it far more complex than it needs to be. What we believe we know, we do know. What we believe our path may be, will change abruptly without warning. All we can do is hold on for dear life with every bit of strength that we can muster, without going insane in the process.

Life is a nonstop rollercoaster ride of emotions, one that makes your scream with joy and makes you cry in disbelief. One that rises you up to the highest peak of existence, then drops you into very depth of your personal hell. Just when you think you figured it all out, just when you think you are on top of the world. You are reminded that you are not, that there is still a ways to go and that you have just begun. So from the bottom you must begin again, as you lose everything you know, including yourself in the process.

Life is a journey of spirituality, of understanding oneself, of trying desperately to find out where we fit in this world. Where we can call home, where we can be appreciated, loved, and respected for who we really are, not for who society wants us to be. It is a journey between you and God, for no one else will truly understand you or what you have been through. No one else truly ever cares, even though they say they do.

Please understand that you are alone for a reason. Because the war that wages within you, can only be won by you. You must slay your own dragons, you must vanquish your own demons, you must face your own fears and maintain your own sanity. It is a spiritual battle of faith, of commitment and of perseverance. A place where darkness has no power even though it temps you relentlessly.

Life is a troubled path, a lonely road less traveled where at times we must walk alone, because no one else will walk with us. It becomes a personal quest for understanding, for reflection, for coming to terms with who you really are, not what society commands you to be. It is a place where you die a million times in your head screaming for salvation, because in reality no one hears your cries no matter how hard you scream. Walk a mile in the shoes of another, rather than roll your eyes.

Open your heart to those in need, rather than ignore their screams, Show a little love in the present, because the future is never guaranteed, and tomorrow may never be. War is hell whether it be on a battlefield, in your mind, or within your heart. No matter who wins, there will always be collateral damage, casualties and scars that will never fade away, but instead remain to remind you of what you overcame. – George Mercado My life belongs to GOD & family.