They say a photo is worth a thousand unspoken words, it tells a story without speaking. This photo speaks volumes and I shall explain. There are days we awaken lost, confused, and in a daze. We know not where we are heading, because where we have been had impacted our lives in a negative way. We feel trapped in a void, surrounded by four walls we cannot climb out of. We feel the coldness of darkness all around us, for the feeling of warmth is nowhere to be found. There is no one to speak to, no one to hold you, comfort you, and be there for you. No one to tell you that it will be okay, that tomorrow there shall be a brighter dawn, or that things will turn out all right. So we sit in this void, this chamber of fears, doubts, and insecurities praying for a solution. Never once bothering to look up, to see the bright side of things nor the potential we have within us to arise, ascend and overcome such a situation and feeling. Never once do we look up and thank the heavens for all that we do have, for the blessing of life and the joys of being loved.Look up and see the light, look up and feel the warmth, look up and come to terms that you are a child of God. That he never gives us more than we can handle, and that only you can find the solution that betters your life. Because this life is your test, your trial, and your journey, sometimes we MUST travel through darkness to see the light. Just come to terms when you do so, that he would never have placed you on this path if he knew you could not overcome it. LOOK UP!- George Mercado