ARIZONA 11/11/11

I remember this day as it was yesterday, my wife, I, and my 3yr old son took an adventure into the realm of energy vortexes. We had heard the rumors that Sedona Arizona was a truly spiritual place. A place where trees and their branches grew twisted like rags due to the energy emitting from the earth. It was a holy place full of mystical energy fields, where one could connect with mother earth on another level. I thought long and hard about visiting there, it was always a dream of mine to do so. Finally I came to the conclusion as to when would be the best time to visit.

The date was set for November 11th 2011, which represented (11/11/11) The most powerful spiritual numbers to have ever existed. These numbers have a profound and deep meaning to me which I cannot explain. However, I will state that they have always haunted me throughout my life, in one way or another.

There is far more to the story and this epic adventure than I have the time to tell. I will say that these are the only images that survived that trip. All else was lost due to a severe hard drive crash on my computer. Sadly, they only capture a tiny percentage of what we experienced. Yet, I am glad that at least some of our images had survived.

Photography by George Mercado