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Deep reflections

There comes a time when a man must make a decision. A calculated choice to become a leader who inspires the world, or a follower who seeks inspiration and does nothing.  I chose the latter, because life is not about us, but rather about what we do for others. Whether it s a kind word, a gesture, or a simple smile or two. Life is indeed what we make of it, for it defines what becomes of us.

I always say, I would rather be remembered for what I have done and/or the lives I have touched, than what I possess.  Because possession is temporary, for it fades and decays. Yet inspiring others to be great lasts forever, as their legacy lives on long after our demise.  Remember it is not where you have been that defines us, but the journey that took us there.  Life is an indeed a blessed journey that we must explore, cherish and partake of. To waste your days away doing nothing but dreaming of tomorrow, is a waste of existence for everyday is indeed precious. Every moment alive should be lived to the fullest.

– George Mercado    



Live for the moment, the here and now, never for the past that is long gone and almost forgotten.

– George Mercado

Fear reminds us that we are alive, it is but a challenge meant for us to overcome, and never succumb to.

– George Mercado

Unless you leave your comfort zone, you will never truly discover the beauty that exists within this world.
– George Mercado