Judge not the path of another, unless you have walked a mile in their shoes, upon that path. I recall this trek down the slope of Providence Canyon, David Shaw, myself and Fahad Asmat were completely charged by the experience. We made it a point to meet our goal and reach that destination we had in mind. The path down seemed bearable regardless of the slippery footing and minor natural trenches. The energy that coursed through our veins had us moving at a quick speed, which would make the ascent later truly harder. We were eager to explore the Canyon floors and the valley below. We did not care about exerting the extra energy, it was a mistake that would haunt us later. We are fortunate that we took plenty of fluids with us, had we not, it would have been so much harder. As they say everything in moderation, one step at a time. This land has always been here, there is no need to speed through it.