Stand for what you believe in, fight for what you love, defend that which cannot defend itself. Be true to your form, true to your word, your reputation, your heart, and your purpose. Let not the distraction of life, of others, of temptation, steer you away from the course you were destined to travel upon. Let not the misspoken words, thoughts, and judgment of others sway you, discourage you, or tear you own.
This is your world, your life, your journey, your moment to exist, to shine, to be who you were destined to be. Be that leader, be that role model, be that person who inspires, ignites, and illuminates a dark place. Be the person who your parents raised you to be, who your God deemed you to be. Be not the facade which society yearns you to be, solely to be accepted by others who really do not care. You have but one life, one moment, one existence to be who you are. One chance to love who you love and one try to experience this magical thing called life. For every second that passes, every minute that trickles by, every hour, day, week, and month gone will not and cannot be returned unto you. Stop pursuing meaningless material objects that decay and fade in time. Instead pursue those memories, those experiences, those moments that linger within us and that last a lifetime. Those moments in which stories are made from, which are forever cherished in the hearts and minds of those who created them. Those who read them, and those who set forth to recreate and relive them.
Do not wait until the last moment to live, do not wait until time becomes limited to travel. Do not take for granted the dissipating moments you have with those whom you love, especially your children to do amazing things. Every choice, every action, every experience defines your life. Every step leads you to a wondrous journey waiting to be discovered, waiting for you to be part of it.
So I ask you, how can we simply squander life away when there is a world waiting yet to be explored.
L I V E !!!
Your journey does not have to make sense to anyone, but YOU!
– George Mercado
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