As a child, growing up in the inner city of New York. I dreamt of mountains, valleys, and creeks, of hidden waterfalls that few do venture to. I dreamt of seeing oceans, roaming through canyons, and hiking through barren forests. I dreamt of being free to explore every facet of my life, free of boundaries, far away from my comfort zone.
However, such a dream, I never thought would be possible, for I was close to being clinically blind. What vision I had in my younger years was through large bifocal glasses, without them I was lost and my world was truly a blur. I yearned desperately to envision that which others took for granted, to remove these glasses and see. This was something which I begged the Lord for, something I never thought was possible.
When I grew older, I met a microsurgeon named Alphonso Ponce, who repaired my eyes and gave me sight. It was at that moment that I took upon myself an oath to chase a dream, to document my life, to remind others of the beauty in life.
For life is an adventure, a fainting glimpse of time. It is meant to be captured in our hearts, our minds, our images, videos, and memories. Every path we travel upon is a lesson, every step we take a reminder, and every moment we experience a blessing that defines our existence, that shows our growth and evolution.
As I stood upon this mountain top, grateful for this moment. In my heart, I knew ……… “that though I was blind, now I see.” – John 9:25

– George Mercado