Every step I take leads me closer to God,
every wisp of wind upon my skin reminds me that I am alive. Every breath I inhale becomes a blessing,
for there is much I have survived.
Every sight of beauty I behold becomes a moment,
every glimpse of your creations is a sign.
Every path I tread rids my torment,
every picture taken within my mind is defined.
Some will never understand,
why we traverse these barren places.
Why we leave our comfort zone,
Into the bosom of nature’s solemn graces.
Every step and every path, every footprint left behind
Every photo, every shot, captures this moment lost in time.
We are simply wandering blindly,
venturing forth where few will go,
to remind the world of this blessed journey,
that with every step magically unfolds.
Live your life to the very fullest,
venture off the beaten path.
Take a moment to explore your existence.
Smile a little, and maybe laugh.
Who cares what tomorrow will bring,
nor what state of mind we will be.
Focus on this moment, and truly live,
as we were always meant to, forever free.
No pain, no doubt, no anger nor sorrow.
no worries, no troubles, nor playing of games.
Just us alone, in this ethereal kingdom,
traveling the back-country of nature, God’s earthly plain.
– George Mercado