Due to a server crash, I lost so much content, so many documented words, so many images.  Sadly, we suffered a immense loss of blogs, and of random thoughts that served a purpose, that told a story of this journey. The more I think of it, perhaps it was for the best, for it wiped the slate clean and allowed me to start new.

A wiseman once stated that all things happen for a reason, and there is no sense is dwelling on a lost. So I will take this as a sign of a new beginning, a new opportunity to share my current life,  rather than my past. This new website shall host a series of blogs, videos and photos. This website is a platform for me to express myself, to share my story and perhaps to inspire others to do the same. 

How people interpret this website it is up to them, I am not here to appease anyone, nor to seek fame nor approval. I am here to share my story, my journey as I was predestiend to. I do so in hopes that it gets people off the couch and back into the exploration of life.  

Because life is short and evey day counts. Do not squander your life on frivelous matters that does nothing for your growth.  Instead, make the change that defines your life and awakens others to follow suit.