Hello World, and welcome to my site, to my journey of life as I call it. It has truly been a very amazing eye opening experience. So much has come and gone, so much has been lost and found that mere words could not merely explain it all. Within these pages, you will find my life, my past, my accomplishments, my passions and a part of whom I am.

This page was created for my friends, my family and especially my son so that he can perhaps find inspiration in my words and even more so of my journey. This website was not created to brag, nor boast nor to place me on some egotistical plateau above all else. For in truth I see myself to be no better than anyone else, I am merely a man on a journey with no clue where I am headed. However, I am certain that God has a plan for me and it is glorious.

I am a man who wears many hats and has earned many titles all of which truly matters little except for three. I am a man of God first and foremost, a true believer and an oath taker who sworn my life to protect and preserve his name. He has made my life, my achievement and my potential possible in every way there is.

I am a husband who has loved the same woman for over 25 years and has never dreamed of being with another. She is my everything, my heart, my soul, my inspiration and the very foundation that keeps my home in place. Without her I am nothing and with her I am everything.

I am a father who loves his son with such intensity than mere words cannot define the feeling that inspires me on. He is my legacy, my prodigy, the reason I live, I exist, I work ever so hard for. My intuition tells me that he shall be a greater man than I could ever be, and I happily accept this. So I dedicate my life to helping him achieve that goal with no regrets what so ever.

I am not a mystery, nor do I have any hidden agenda for I am merely an honest and simple man. A man who believes in leaving the world a better place than how we entered it and in loving the world even if it does not love us back. What you see is what you get from me, I have no ulterior motives. If you are my friend it is because I care about you, not that I want anything from you, other than wishing that my friends and family excel to their greatest potential. I wish to be able to bear witness to that so that I can rejoice in your accomplishments as you have rejoiced in mine.

In the end, I am but a noble man, a traveling man of light that some may call brother, brethren, sir knight and/or companion. A man who stands for what he believes in and whose love for my creed, my craft, my fraternity order is undying and never ending.

~ George Mercado
Junior Steward | West Broward Lodge.253 – Senior Warden | Knight Commandery Miami #13 | 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason