George Mercado is a man who wears many hats, someone who the lord has afforded the opportunity to hold many titles. He is a multi-creative with almost two and half decades of real world multimedia knowledge and experience. He is a Entrepreneur, a business man, an artist, designer, fabricator, photographer and so much more. Where some would find difficulty in doing one task, George is a multi-tasking dynamo who puts his heart and soul into everything he does.   He wholeheartedly believes that life is not about pursuing one path, but rather about traveling on numerous paths thus forever keeping ones options open. He alas, is what you can call a free spirit, or perhaps  an old soul who will never be happy having finding refuge in one spot.

As George would say “I do not have a bucket list, I have a now list. So that when my time comes, I can sit back and say that it was one heck of a ride. Live your life with little regrets, love the world as you would want to be loved and share with others this magical existence called life that in truth is so limited. ”


George Mercado
32nd Degree Mason / Knight Templar

He is loved by all, and is known as a man who has unconditionally helped many to arise, to evolve and to overcome life’s hurdles. He is a kind soul with a very spiritual path, a man who doesn’t let the drama of life bring him down. He believes that no troubles are too great that the heavens cannot fix, so he throws his problems to the heavens as he focuses on the solution.  As he always says “life is not that complex, it is we who make it far more complex than it needs to be.”

Over the years people have asked George what was it that inspires him the most to push on, and his answer is always the same “God, family, love and freemasonry’. For each and everyone of those mentioned have allowed George to be transformed from a mere common man to an an upright man who sees the beauty of life in a different way.

God?, for it was his love, will and might that granted me sight after being close to clinically blind for much of my younger years. I am forever blessed that he grants me life each and everyday and even more so appreciative for the potential he has instilled in me.

Family?,  for they are my rock, my muse and foundation, they are everything that fuels me to live, to evolve, to arise and to be a better man. With them I am everything, without them I am nothing, they are the cycle that completes me and that fuels me on leave the world a better place than how I entered it.

Love?, love is the key to all for it is the very source of my creativity, it is what drives me forth and gives me the courage to overcome all obstacles and hurdles no matter how high they may be.

Freemasonry?, for it is what keeps me on a straight path, what drives me to be a role model to my child and others. It reminds me that my actions and words do not solely represents me, but represents a fraternal older than the test of time.  It has helped me come to terms with whom I am, for it has allowed me to see the light of wisdom within the darkness of existence.

George Mercado is indeed a unique man who loves all that life has to offer, he believes that nothing is impossible and that everything is possible with faith, love and unity. As George always says “God does not make losers, people just do not have the faith in themselves as he has in them.”