Time slips by:

Alas. time tends to fly pass us by so quickly, moments that are here and now are gone in an instant. They tend to pass us so quickly that merely a fading glimpse is left behind within the corners of our minds. A vision that over time dissipates to simply nothing, as we try desperately to recall the moments and the experiences we were blessed to have witnessed.

My photography:

I never picked up a camera to be the best nor to compete with the world. I picked up a camera to document my existence, to capture the very moments of life that defined me and that made me smile. To me it is not about capturing an award-winning image or to get recognition among my peers, but rather about sharing with the world my experiences, my photos and the memories that truly enlightened my existence. I shoot images to teach awareness, to inspire others and to above all to remind the world of the beauty that God has created which we take for granted on a daily basis. Photography is not my business nor do I ever want it to be that, for it is my passion, my escape, it is the avenue that keeps me sane.

Within the pursuit of fame and fortune, we tend to overlook those who truly inspire our lives. Those who taught us lessons and tips that made us better, that helped improve our craft and talents, that touched our hearts in such a wonderful and meaningful way. Those unsung heroes who lifted us up, who inspired our journey and who supported us through the most difficult moments. Those who we call our friends, who we may agree with at times or not, but who in the end still remain our friends.

Photography to me is all about life, about using the tools that we have been afforded to our best advantage.  I do not use it to propel my life, but rather to define my existence. My photography is very spiritual to me, it is a reflection of who I am. My photos are merely frozen fractions of time, of memories that I was blessed to capture. Alas, like footsteps within the sands of time, my images reflect the path I have traveled on and the beauty that I was ever blessed to behold.

Serenity Bound

Forever Friends

A Hidden Gem