George Mercado (March 21st 2018)

Why is it when someone dies everyone comes along and posts on how much they loved them, how much they miss them, or how they wish they were still alive?

Why is it when they were alive, no such things were said to them. Instead they were ignored, left alone to cry silently in the dark. No one gave a shit, no one cared, no one supported them because hell we all have our own problems don’t we?. So in turn these people fell into depression, info despair, into a dark sadness. A feeling many of us have felt over time and perhaps in some sense still do.

Where is the love? The I love you? The friend when a friend is needed? The shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen? That means more than I wish you were still alive.

This is the world we live in when people care more about what they are told to care about than what is right there before them. How many friends must we lose, how many hearts must break, how many tragedies must befall us before people give a shit, before people care, before people open their hearts and minds to those who need healing. How many cries of help must someone scream before they are heard?.

I will not lie when I state there are times when I wish I could escape to a far away place away from one and all. A place where I can become grounded, where I can look unto the heavens and not only thank the lord for this life, but also where I can speak to him one on one without interference or distraction.

It is not as if I have lost hope in humanity, but as if I have become overwhelmed by the emotions, the vibrations and frequencies that bombard us on a daily basis. Exhausted by this war that is being waged between right and wrong, between good and evil and between who we should be and whom society wants us to be.

Be you, care, listen, hug someone and make a difference because if you do not. You may lose another friend somewhere out there. As I always say “Love me while I am alive and among you not when I am gone and away from you. Because then it would be pointless!”